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Monthly car rental prices, Marmaris car rental

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Monthly car rental prices

In some cases, your need for a car may be much more than a day. You may want to rent a monthly car for a long vacation, business trip etc. One advantage of this is that the monthly rental car price is more affordable than renting daily.

Today, vehicles have become an indispensable means of transportation. It has become almost impossible to give up on cars. It may be impossible to use public transport for every occasion, such as going to work, traveling, or traveling on a daily basis. Therefore, if we say that a car is a must, I think it would not be wrong. In some cases, it may be more profitable to rent than to buy a car. If you are thinking of renting a car on a monthly basis, review our vehicles and contact us immediately if there is a vehicle of your choice. We will try to offer the most suitable monthly rental price for you. Car rental prices on a monthly basis are not calculated with the daily price. Since it is for a long time, you will get a car rental service at a cheaper rate.

Monthly car rental

It is useful to repeat the price differences here, it depends on the car with the feature you want. Maybe you need a 7-passenger vehicle, or 4 people are enough. You can also want a luxury vehicle, so all of them are effective in determining the monthly car rental fee.

With an average price, the monthly car rental price starts with the lower limit between 500 Euro - 600 Euro, and now there may be different fees for cars with the features you want. So there is no upper limit, whatever you want. You can even request a car rental service with a driver.

Long term car rental

The longer you rent the car, the lower your daily fee will be. It is possible to rent a car for different time periods on a weekly - monthly - yearly basis. When you rent a long-term car for a vehicle that is around 30 Euro per day with an average price, you can pay figures such as 15 Euro or 20 Euro per day. I am giving an example to understand these prices as a representative. Zeus is always with you for your Marmaris long-term car rental needs. Do not decide without getting a price study from us. We are waiting for you at our office for tea. You can reach us on our online contact page or by phone immediately. We will be ready to inform you about all the questions and exact prices you have in mind.

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Reliable car rental service in marmaris

Rental cars

You may need to rent a car for your holidays or other special occasions. Zeus car rental company is the right address in marmaris for daily or weekly car rental for all your wedding, excursion, visit, etc. needs. How much does it cost to rent a car in Marmaris? Do not make a decision without getting an offer from us and reviewing our rental car features. It is important that the vehicle features you are considering to rent and other insurance details are good. Because when you set off, it is very annoying to encounter bad surprises during the journey. Details of rental cars in Marmaris.

Airport transfer

Muğla is the leader among touristic cities in our country. Places such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Dalaman, which are centers for all summer tourism, are located within the provincial borders of Muğla. We provide a reliable transfer for you from all airports here to any place you want. We make your transfers with our specially designed luxury and comfortable vehicles. You can check our page for detailed information and reservation. Airport transfer prices, details.


With years of experience, you will get the best service from Zeus car rental. We are very happy to serve you, our valued customers, since 1990. Many of our customers have now become our friends. As Zeus, we are a big family in Marmaris. We are with you for your car rental business in Marmaris and we will be happy to see you in the zeus family.
The reliable address of car rental in Marmaris, ZEUS - If you do not want to encounter bad surprises on the roads, your address is clear ;)

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We have been here since 1990 for your car rental needs with Zeus Car Rental, which offers services that combine quality and trust.

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