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​Places to visit by car in Marmaris, Marmaris car rental

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​Places to visit by car in Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. It can be quite enjoyable to explore the surroundings by renting a car in the area. Here are some places to visit by car in Marmaris:

Icmeler Beach: Icmeler Beach, right next to Marmaris, is famous for its sandy beach and turquoise sea. You can walk along the beach and enjoy the sea.

Nimara Cave: Located close to the center of Marmaris, Nimara Cave offers an interesting cave experience to its visitors.

Turunc Bay: Located 20 km from Marmaris, Turunc Bay is famous for its beautiful beach and sea.

Dalyan: Located about 90 km from Marmaris, Dalyan is famous for its famous Caretta Caretta turtles and ancient cities.

Hisarönü Bay: Located in the north of Marmaris, Hisarönü Bay attracts attention with its magnificent nature and calm atmosphere.

Bozburun Peninsula: Located in the south of Marmaris, Bozburun Peninsula is famous for its natural beauties and calm atmosphere.

Sedir Island: Located about 1 hour away from Marmaris by boat, Sedir Island is known for its famous "Cleopatra Beach".

These are just a few examples, Marmaris and its surroundings are full of many beautiful places. You can explore many more beautiful places by exploring by car.

Marmaris is a district of Muğla Province in southwestern Turkey. It is famous for its natural beauties, historical texture, beaches and entertainment life. Since Marmaris is a holiday resort, there are many places that attract the attention of tourists. Here are some of the places to visit and see in Marmaris:

Marmaris Castle: Marmaris Castle is one of the most famous landmarks of Marmaris and was built in 1522 by the Ottoman Empire. The castle is located in a position that dominates the impressive view of the city and is also used as a museum.

Icmeler Beach: Icmeler Beach is a beach located 8 km from Marmaris. It is famous for its clear water and white sand. Many activities can be done on the beach, it is an ideal place especially for those who are interested in water sports.

Bar Street: Bar Street is an area located in the center of Marmaris and where the heart of nightlife beats. There are many bars and nightclubs here. It is one of the places frequented by tourists with its live music and fun atmosphere.

Marmaris Marina: Marmaris Marina is the largest marina in the city and has a capacity of more than 800 yachts. Here you can take a yacht tour, watch the luxury yachts or relax in the restaurants and cafes of the port.

Turunc Beach: Turunc Beach is another beach close to Marmaris. It is famous for its sea and natural beauties. You can take a walk on the beach, swim, snorkel, sunbathe and relax.

Dalyan: Located about 80 km from Marmaris, Dalyan is famous for its historical ruins, natural beauties and Turtle Beach. There are also natural thermal waters and mud baths in Dalyan.

Atlantis Water Park: Atlantis Water Park is a water park located in the center of Marmaris with many slides and pools. It can be a fun option for families and children.

There are many more places to visit and see in Marmaris, but the above are the most famous and popular ones.

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